We focus on quality as a basic pillar of our product and all our activities. Our primary goal is to improve every day, and to better serve our customers.

To ensurethat our products comply with the highest requirements and maximum safety, we perform thorough quality controls throughout the supply chain. We also have a highly qualified team in each of our processes.The customer is the foundation of our quality policy, aimed at the continuous improvement and satisfaction of our shareholders, customers and employees. To achieve this goal, we follow our partners’ Business Management Systems, in order to optimize the organization, resources and processes as well as the quality and safety of our products and services.

The basic principles that guide us are:

  • Using measurable quality and safety objectivess
  • Application of techniquesto manage projects efficiently and effectively
  • Emphasis on defects prevention along the entire supply chain
  • Compliance with the requirements and specifications of our customers
  • Compliance with regulatory and safety requirements
  • Compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations and lawsforour employees
  • Adaptive development of applicable environmental policies.
  • Constant concern for continuous improvement of our products and services
  • Working closely with our subcontractors to improve quality and safety