On March 22nd, 2013 Kelox IRT USA, LLC Incorporated, becoming the first American supplier that designs and manufactures integrated galley systems destined to outfit railway rolling stock.

Our strategy is based on two pillars.  The first is to provide American rail manufacturers a new source of supply to allow increasing competitiveness in the growing market for rolling stock in the United States.  The second responds to the industry expectations of location and proximity to the end user.  Both pillars allow Kelox IRT USA to comply with the Buy America requirements 100%, an essential point of our philosophy.

Our facilities in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania allow for great flexibility to undertake production schedules and demanding delivery programs, while providing job opportunities in the region.


During the incorporation of this partnership between Kelox S.A. and the American industrial group TBJ Inc. José Luis Flores-Valles and Todd Campbell, President and Vice-President respectively, reaffirmed the belief that Kelox IRT USA will improve upon the “on-time, on-budget” principal which has presided over the commitments in each contract that Kelox S.A. has acquired for over 30 years.