Suppliers are fundamental players in the optimal functioning of the value chain of Kelox IRT USA.

For this reason, Kelox believes in building and maintaining long-term, trusting relationships with the suppliers, seeking a mutual benefit.

If you believe that your businesscould be of interest to Kelox, please contact us at

The provided informations considered a supplier pre-approval evaluation.  Once the data is analyzed our Procurement Department will contact you to begin the approval process.  This process requires additional information, including financial data such as credit rating, and is mandatory.

Additionally, depending on the criticality of the service, Kelox may conduct a quality audit of the supplier to validate their capacity and compliance with the applicable regulations. Also, Kelox may test the product to homologate when, by its failure or malfunction, may affect the operation of the systems
If desired, along with the presentation of your company, you may attach files, information on products you offer, or justification of the data you consider important